Miss Rabbit Works Everywhere! Edit

In Peppa Pig here's your daily schedule: First start of the morning with breakfast. The breakfast store is perfect and guess who works there? Miss Rabbit! Next go shopping. Guess who works at every store on the street! Miss Rabbit! How does she gets to all these jobs?! We don't know!! After that, go to a theme park and the Aquarium. Guess who works there? Miss Rabbit! Then, go to the Fire Station. Guess - Wait, I think you know what I'm going to say, Miss Rabbit!! How'd you know? How is she everywhere? We don't know!! Then, you break your arm sliding down the fire pole and you have to the hospital! - Guess Who- actually after all of this, I think you know who works there. But I'm just gonna tell you for fun..... MISS RABBIT! Okay now I think your probably tired and want to take a break- free ticket to Hawaii anyone? You hop on the plane and the pilot looks a bit familiar (Maybe because she works at every single place you went today?) Okay no you should go to dinner- "Miss Rabbit would you seat us!" Calls Peppa Pig annoyingly. Well really to be honest it doesn't matter where you go for dinner- seafood, meats, Italian, Spanish, Indian- she's there! How does she get to all these jobs, we don't know????

Miss Rabbits Jobs Edit